Tips from the Pros ~ 11 – 21

Feb 24th, 2022 | Tips from the Pros

Tip #11: “IASM”…or “I am Sold Myself.” — John Rex Gates Find out what legendary handler John Rex Gates meant by these words in Strideaway’s podcast interview with him in 2012! CLICK HERE Tip #12: “A dog should not be subjected to perpetual whistling and commands while at work, by doing so the dog’s mind is drawn from his work to such extent that he scarcely knows whether he is doing right or wrong.” — Er M. Shelley, Twentieth Century Bird Dog Training and Kennel […]

Tips from the Pros ~ 1 – 10

Jan 4th, 2022 | Tips from the Pros

Much thanks and gratitude to these trainers for sharing of their knowledge with future field trialers! Tip #1: “Be in a good frame of mind when you take your dog out to train and end your session on a good note. Put your dog up happy and he’ll retain what you wanted him to learn. You’ll both make progress!” — Lee Phillips Tip #2: “After flushing birds and shooting (without delay), return directly to your dog. […]